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    Healthy Eating

    If you are interested in discovering new recipes which are not only flavorful but also packed with all the nutrition your family needs to be healthy, you have come to the right place. Nothing beats good home-cooked recipes and there is no shortage of wonderful meals to choose from. Recipes range from very easy to highly complex, but even for beginner cooks there are so many simple recipes using fresh ingredients and easy cooking methods, and you can be sure of a great result every time.

    What Makes a Great Recipe?

    So what is it that really makes a dish stand out and how can you be sure of successful results? There are plenty of different things to learn and even professional chefs are still learning all the time, experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new cuisines and dishes. This learning process never really stops, but it is important just to have fun with it. Because recipes vary and everyone has their own preferences, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to food, because the food one person loves another might really dislike!

    Something we can all agree on though is using quality ingredients leads to quality results, and using fresh ingredients is always recommended. Shopping for ingredients locally is another good idea, because food from your local farmers’ market or grocery store is sure to be better and fresher than something grown halfway around the world and then flown or shipped over and left sitting in a warehouse for weeks. Choosing fresh, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and ensuring you use plenty of fresh produce in your recipes means colorful, appetizing and healthy dishes for your whole family to enjoy from the youngest to the most senior.

    A Word About Different Diets


    A Healthy Balanced Meal

    Although some people seem to eat anything and everything put in front of them, others are on a restricted diet for one reason or another. For example, there are many vegetarian eaters and people on gluten-free diets. Some people avoid bread or processed carbs because it seems to bloat them while others have allergies to particular ingredients or prefer not to eat red meat. Despite these restrictions, there are still plenty of delicious recipes you can prepare. Even vegans, who eat no animal products whatsoever, have plenty of choice when it comes to preparing exciting and nutritious dishes.

    How to Keep Things Interesting

    Not only should cooking be a joy for you rather than a chore, but you should also focus on making different dishes for your family instead of the same things every single week. Most families have a few favorites of course so if your family loves homemade lasagna, for instance, there is nothing wrong with making that once a week.

    If you like to prepare a big batch of chili con carne and freeze it in portions and serve that regularly, there is nothing wrong with that either. You will have a pretty good idea of what your family likes already so you will know what kind of dishes appeal. Not everyone is into spicy food, for example.

    You can tailor a lot of recipes to your family’s tastes when cooking your own meals, so if you want to make a chicken curry but your family does not like spicy dishes you can simply leave out the chili or swap the medium curry powder for mild curry powder, or add extra cream or fruit to balance out any hot taste. The same applies if you do not have one of the ingredients. You can often swap one ingredient for another when making food. Perhaps your recipe calls for mushrooms and you are out of them. Simply use broccoli or pumpkin instead, or substitute something else which is going to work with the other flavors in the meal.

    Comfort Food with a Healthy Twist


    A Healthy Food Platter

    What comes to mind when you think of comfort food? For many of us that will be cheese-topped pasta dishes, lasagna, fried chicken, stodgy desserts with ice cream, onion rings, or anything that puts a big smile on your face. Here at Mrs Dubb, we love comfort food too, but we like to put a healthy twist on it to make it more nutritious for the family, although we do indulge in the occasional treat, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!

    If you love fried fish for example, you might like to try an oven-fried fish recipe. This simply means the fish is breaded and baked in a hot oven instead of going in the deep-fryer. The result is very similar but much lower in fat and calories. There are also reduced calorie recipes for chili, lasagna, creamy pasta, and so many more comfort food recipes. This is the type of food families love, and you can make these tasty dishes using economic, easy-to-find, healthy ingredients, making them a win-win for absolutely everyone.

    Passion for Cooking Good Food

    Different people have different approaches to cooking. Some find it nothing more than a bothersome chore, something that has to be done every day, while others really love it and describe cooking as fun, exciting or challenging (in a good way!) Which sounds more like you? If you identify more with the first one, then perhaps you might want to change the way you cook. Not everyone wants to spend hours over a hot stove, or even has time for such a thing, but finding cheap, quick and easy recipes which are packed with flavor and nutrients is enough to get any home cook excited.

    Shopping locally, making friends with your local farmers and the little grocery shops near where you live can be enjoyable and you will be able to try the freshest ingredients possible. Here at Mrs Dubb, we cannot recommend local shopping highly enough. Even if you buy your staples from one of the big supermarkets, make some time to visit local farmers’ markets. You will be pleasantly surprised how friendly they are and what amazing ingredients you can find very close to where you live. Fresh meat and fish, along with fresh ingredients grown near where you live are the makings of some very tasty dishes indeed, and if you are using these great quality items you will not need much in the way of herbs or spices to add flavor.

    Beginner cooks learn by finding easy recipes and making those, perfecting them each time they make them, and then gradually moving on to more difficult things. What was the first dish you ever made – perhaps an omelet, toasted cheese sandwich or cupcakes?

    You can hone the cooking skills you already have to venture further into the world of cooking and discover new cuisines, new cooking methods and new recipes. You can even make comfort food your family will love using healthy twists to boost the nutrients while slashing the fat and calories. Our goal here at Mrs Dubb is to share with you everything you want to know about making wonderful food which will not only satisfy your family but also offer all the nutrients they need.

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